2020/7 SoccerLAB Release notes November

Hereby we present the release notes of November 2020.
All listed features are published inside your own SoccerLAB environment or will be on a short notice.
Inside this overview we show the most important new features and changes, but we have also made
several smaller improvements.

Be aware that not all features might be in your environment yet. 
If you have a specific question or want more information, please contact your consultant.

*Please note; all screenshots and texts represent fictitious data, no confidential club/team/player data is published

Table of Contents

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Module 02 - Master data management

Games - copy attendance from previous games

A new option to enter the attendance inside games is introduced, from previous games the attendee list incl. absences can be copied:

Module 04 - Team training

New compact design

Inside the training module, the new compact mode is available inside the view and edit mode of a training, so a user can see the content as a kind of list. Which columns should be shown is a setting which can be dynamicly adjusted:

New time registration modus

Inside the time registration, a new config setting allows to display all exercises of one step in order to manage the time reistration:

Module 06 - Medical

UEFA - Thigh Injury study

When selecting the "Thigh" as the regional body group where the injury occurs, the system can (if required) automatically add 4 additional questions to the injury form.
Those 4 questions relate to the UEFA Thigh injury study:

  1. Thigh location
  2. Was surgery performed
  3. Injection therapy used
  4. Thigh disease classification

Module 14 - Forms Management

Share templates

Inside the uiserinterface, depedning on your rights, tempaltes inside the Forms Management can be shared directly with users and workgroups:

Module 18 - Advanced Reporting

Medical Report

New charts about medical tests are introduced:

Game Report

Inside different tables, the opponent of a game is now indicated:

SoccerLAB Apps

Team App

Enter sRPE

We introduced a new Team App version for IOS and Android where the sRPE per team can be entered in a faster way now:

An end user first has to adjust the "Settings" to see the new view.