2020/8 SoccerLAB Release notes December

Hereby we present the release notes of December 2020.
All listed features are published inside your own SoccerLAB environment or will be on a short notice.
Inside this overview we show the most important new features and changes, but we have also made
several smaller improvements.

Be aware that not all features might be in your environment yet. 
If you have a specific question or want more information, please contact your consultant.

*Please note; all screenshots and texts represent fictitious data, no confidential club/team/player data is published

Table of Contents

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Team Dashboard - questionnaire widgets

On team level, a new wellness widget is introduced. Inside the configuation of the widget, you can select the template, of which the widget should display the data:

So on team dashboards, you can place widgets per questionnaire:

Team Dashboard - Team Overview

Inside the overview widget of a seasonal team, the action button includes the option to create an evaluation report per player:

Module 03 - Online Analysis / Videos

Sharing videos

A new option for sharing videos is introduced, when a user couples videos (to a game). By default, we mark checkboxes that the video is shared with players in line-up, players of the seasonal team, technical staff of the involved team. These options guarantee, if a player from another age group joins the game, the video is automatically shared with him:

Module 04 - Team training


 Inside the basic statistic page of a player a specific (monthly) timeframe can be selected to display the stats of the player:

Module 06 - Medical 

Current status - new filter options

Inside the medical status screen, we enable the filter only regular / only non regular / all players, keeping the contract status of players in mind:

Module 12 - Player Development

Player Profile - new widget 

On the dashboard of a player profile, a new widget about player development reports can be used, showing scores of any selected template, selected categories and selected criteria. Even, the colours per threshold can be defined: 



By using Shiny and applications build in that plattform, you can display now in SoccerLAB any statistics, graphs etc. you would like to see. It is available on Main Dashboard, Team- und PlayerLevel: